Hip Hop Events in Europe

There are a number of hip hop events that happen in Germany. Whether it is hip hop performances, graffiti or breakdancing, there is a lot about the German hip hop community that could can experience and in some cases even perform yourself. Here is a breakdown of all of the amazing events that are coming up in the next year around Germany to let you experience the German hip hop scene.

Before I list out some of the upcoming events of hip hop in the world, I just want to do a quick rundown of what all of the different types of hip hop art there are. I’m sure it could be contested that there are more than these, but, in my opinion, these three are the most important. And while you are probably familiar with what they are, I’m going to explain it anyway.

  • Rapping: Also known as hip hop or rap music, it is a music genre that is made up of rhymes that are chanted to a rhythmic backbeat. Another element that falls under this category is beatboxing, which is stylized rhythms coming from your mouth’s abilities to make percussion sounds. I used rapping instead of hip hop here because hip hop is usually talking about the whole subculture which is not what I am referring to. I am instead looking at the music itself as well as the artist form of expression rather than the culture itself.
  • Graffiti Art: Graffiti itself has been around as long as man has been scratching drawings into caves. It is just simply writing or drawings that where painted or scratched onto a surface in public where they were not supposed to be. Graffiti is actually the most controversial part of hip hop, but not for the reason you may think. It is controversial because a lot of graffiti artists are not associated with hip hop and vice versa. They are linked in modern times because the graffiti is how artists are able to identify their expressions as opposed to someone else’s, known as “tagging.” It is understood to be the visual expression of the hip hop scene.
  • Breakdancing: Also known as “b-boying” or simply “breaking,” breakdancing is a style of dance that was developed inside of the hip hop culture. It has borrowed from other dance styles from street dancing to African dancing and even takes some dance moves from the likes of Michael Jackson and James Brown. There is a lot of gender discrimination in the world of breakdancing, but there are some b-girls out there. It is the physical expression of the hip hop scene.

International Meeting of Styles 2016: Every year there is a street art and graffiti exhibition that tours the world.  This year’s theme is “Absolute Freedom.” This is the 15th anniversary of the Meeting of Styles. It will be in Germany from 10-12 June 2016 in Wiesbaden.

World Peace N˚2 Inga Mauer, Christopher Joseph & Revelate: At Ohm, Germany on 21 May 2016, there will be the hip hop experience to end all hip hop experiences in Germany. It should be pretty amazing.

Sean Paul: Coming to the Tempordrom on 7 June 2016, the Jamaican rapper and hip hop artist will be performing his hits as well as his newest album Full Frequency.

4ce53dc0_fb.xxxlargeRihanna: As part of her world tour, Rihanna will be performing in Berlin at the Olympiastadion on 2 August 2016.

Battle of the Year: Every year in Essen there is a breakdancing competition putting the best breakdancers of Europe against one another in an epic battle. This year it will be 29 October 2016.

I would not consider myself a hip hop expert really. I have not been a huge fan of listening to the music be user it, quite honestly, gives me anxiety. But even so, I am a scholar of sorts when it comes to hip hop music.

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